Washed daily by the Wild Atlantic, sandy beaches with ancient tidepools that hold beautiful dreams and memories of fun, laughter and healing.

Ballybunion’s beaches are a true taste of paradise—whether you’re looking for high adventure on the sea, gentle waves for your first surfing lesson, a romantic sunset view or a family-friendly swimming spot.

The town and surrounding area contains stunning beaches with unique titles, namely the Ladies Beach, the Men’s Beach and the Nun’s Beach, the Long Strand, Beale Beach and Litter Strand. Visitors can explore caves which are accessible according to the tides. The Black Rocks on the Men’s beach are at least three hundred thousand years old. Within the Black Rocks are 2 natural pools, where many locals have learned to swim in days gone by.

Blow away the cobwebs by walking the 3.2 kilometres of the beautiful Long Strand when the tide is out or discover the soaring cliffs surrounding the Nuns Beach and Virgin rock along the stunning cliff walk.

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