Breath-taking 30 metre cliffs with mysterious, magical names smothered in sea pink and thistle, home to Rock Doves and Choughs.

Following the Ballybunion Cliff walk, discover the Nine Daughters Hole (Poulnanineen), the name derived from the legend of a chieftain who threw his nine daughters into it, having discovered their plot to elope with his Viking enemies!

The next inlet below is Hawks Bay and further along, you will pass by the narrow creek, Scoilt na Driada (starlings nest). You will come by the ruins of Pookeenee castle which was built in medieval times. Lay your eyes upon the Nun’s beach and the majestic sea arch named the Virgin Rock, standing proudly as the Wild Atlantic Ocean dances around her.

Rocky ledges support sea birds like the Fulmar and Shag, Rock Doves and Choughs, many Gulls and even a Peregrine Falcon. Beautiful colour combinations occur in the summer months all along the cliffs with plants including lotus, wild thyme, sea holly, sea thistle and sea pink.

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