Collins’ Seaweed Baths were established in the 1920s by Hannah Collins and her husband Tom.

Inspired by the natural healing qualities of seaweed, (serrated wrack) which is sourced locally in the black rocks, a little business was set up initially in their house located down the Glen on the Ladies Strand in Ballybunion.

In 1932, a premises was bought across the road from their home, the site where Collins’ Seaweed Baths now stands. The seaweed baths has continued through four generations. Hannah’s daughter Mary and her husband Paddy Kennelly continued to run the baths until the business was then lovingly taken over by Mary’s only daughter. Mary and her husband Seamus Mulvihill carried on Collins’ from the 1960s for almost fifty years. Seamus still picks seaweed on those same black rocks. Mary ran a cafe on the premises serving tea on trays which could be enjoyed on the beach whilst welcoming and greeting all her many friends and customers with a lovely smile. Unfortunately, Mary passed in 2007 and so now in 2018, Mary and Seamus’ children, Gary and Clare work alongside their father Seamus gathering seaweed and serving the people of Kerry, Cork and Limerick and often far beyond.

The serrated wrack still grows on the Black rocks, is picked when the tide is low, placed in a warm bath, and still heals, soothes and rejuvenates all those who experience nature’s luxury at Collins’ Seaweed Baths. Generations later, the soul, energy and beauty of the Atlantic is still enjoyed by those who like to sit on the terrace at Collins’ with a cup of tea and listen.

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